"I want to provide a reliable space for all creative people and help them reach their professional goals."


- Paul Y. Myers

Paul Y. Myers – Owner

             Paul is a freelance photographer, videographer and creative entrepreneur. He found his interest in photography through his travels around the world but over the years his focus turned more towards studio photography. Born and raised in New York State, he moved to Brooklyn in 2017 and fell in love with East Williamsburg. The graffiti covered streets, big warehouses and art scene drew his attention to the area. After months of searching he finally found the perfect space to start his own business. The minute he stepped into the unit 206 he was moonstruck by the abundance of natural light coming through the large windows and the open floor plan. With some help he converted the loft space into a professional photography studio. Exposure Loft has been open for business since October 2017 and Paul is looking forward to working with all creative individuals.


Paul's Photography